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AlQalam-Iftar-JUNE 17, 2016

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Iftar Fundraiser Keynote Speaker: Imam Johari Presentations by Al Qalam Academy and Iqra Elementary Students June 17, 2016 InshaAllah Waterford 6715 Commerce St Springfield, VA 22150 Doors Open 7:00PM Early Bird by May 27, 2016: $50 Tickets sold after May 27: $60  To purchase tickets online: Click...

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Iftar and Dinner at Darul Huda

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The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Wealth does not decrease with Charity, but Allah increases 70 to 700 times and also bless them.” How great is Charity in this month (Ramadan), while you are feeding a fasting person. And whoever feeds a fasting person gets a like reward. Darul-Huda provides Iftar & Dinner for 150 or more persons every day. You can donate any amount to share the cost of the program each day.

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